Three Smart Ideas For Mother Of The Bride Dresses

When it comes to your daughter’s wedding, you want to look stunning. It is the day your baby girl becomes a woman and leaves you for a new life. While you do want to draw a lot of positive attention, it is also imperative to avoid eclipsing the bride. You do have a few special moments too. You will be announced when you reach to the reception, but guests will also look at you when walking into the ceremony. A few simple tips and tricks will work a very long way when hunting some mother of the bride dresses.



Assuming that you have already consulted the couple regarding their preferences or formality standards, the colors are among your first considerations. Some brides would like their mothers to join the same color palette, so they should get a light design. This is not a general rule though. You can just as well opt for chocolate brown, navy or metallic colors. Make sure that you skip white or ivory because you risk eclipsing your daughter.


Mother of the bride dresses come in a lot of different styles. You are not limited to the classic conservative look though. It depends on how formal the wedding is. You can opt for a formal gown, but you may also try to feel younger with a cocktail or chic dress. Talk to your daughter too and make a wise decision together. She should like it too, but you must also feel comfortable.


In the end, whether you are looking for mother of the bride dresses or junior bridesmaid dresses, there is one general rule that everyone should respect – the logistics. The setting, venue, season or time will dictate the right option. For example, you do not want a voluminous and long gown if the ceremony is held in a rustic and traditional place or you risk skimming the floor with it.