Finding a small sized wedding dress can be a challenging task

Ideally, our wedding day is one of the most unique and special days in our life and naturally, the wedding dress is an essential part of that day. If the dress isn’t perfect, it’s hard to elevate the occasion to a certain level. If the bride isn’t happy with their celebratory outfit, it’s tough to imagine them being able to fully relax and enjoy their special event.

It’s not easy, but you will find the right one

Petite wedding dresses can represent a major obstacle. For a short bride with a small frame, finding their dream dress is not always easy. A body type like that warrants some special considerations. A heavy cloth for example, isn’t really recommended in those instances. When you are looking for reception dresses of that mold, there are some general rules that you should follow.

Petite wedding dresses

A high waistline for example, can represent a great choice for women with slender and short figure, and the reason for that is because that style can make any short person look taller by adding to the impression of height. Conversely, choosing dresses and accessories that will make us look wider are generally not recommended. Optically, a wider stance will always seem shorter as well.

Rule out those styles

Puffy and baggy skirts should also be avoided at all costs, and the same is true about tea gowns, even though short skirts should be fine otherwise. So now we know what are the dresses that are not recommended, what about the other side of the story? What will make petite women look taller?

reception dresses

As we mentioned above, a high waistline is a perfect starting point because it will make any short bride look taller. Simple silhouettes are also great, and the same is true about the empire and A-line dresses. At the end of the day, what feels right will probably be right, but for the perfect effect, try to find a dress that will complement your unique physical characteristics.


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